Feb 19, 2011

Une Nuit à Versailles... by Karl Lagerfeld

Ever since she stared the Coco fragrance ad in 1991 dressed as a fragile yet taunting dark bird whistling on a swing, French icon Vanessa Paradis hasn't quit contributing to Chanel's history...

She came front stage in 2010 by successively lending her image to the Rouge Coco lipstick campaign and to the Coco Cocoon bags and by playing model under Karl's objective for photo shootings in Madame Figaro and Vogue. Given this long-time love affair of hers with Chanel, who better than Karl to shoot the album cover for her "Une Nuit à Versailles", an acoustic version of her previous hits ??

The acoustic tour premiered at the Opéra de Versailles hence the name of the album but also the Marie-Antoinette style of Ms Paradis during the photo shoot, which took place in former Queen of France's private quarters and gardens - what better place to represent romantic and mythical women...

Definitely a shoot she will remember! Not only because of Chanel, not only because of Karl but also thanks to Karl's extensive creativity which gave rise, to gorgeous embroidered gowns, shimmering dresses and exquisite silk apparel, created specially for this particular occasion... What are friends for?

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